Kendo Shito Den Cestvs (拳奴死闘伝セスタス, Kendo Shittō Den Sesutasu, Cestvs: Legend of Desperate Struggle) is a Japanese manga series written and Illustrated by Shizuya Wazarai, sequel to Kento Ankoku Den Cestvs. It was published in Hakusensha's seinen magazine Young Animal from 2010 Issue 11 to 2014 Issue 12, it was later transferred to Young Animal Arashi running from Issue 2014-10 to Issue 2018-06, until magazine ceased its publication, after which it continued on Manga Park web platform.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Roman empire is at the summit of its splendor. Cestvs, a young slave boxer is constantly fighting and improving his style. Suddenly, an emperor’s messenger visits him and announces that the emperor Nerone will host a fighting tournament from all over the world and orders Cestvs to become part of the Regional Qualifiers. Full of determination, Cestvs begin his journey towards the final combat arena determined to win the tournament and earn the ultimate prize, his own freedom!!

Volumes[edit | edit source]

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