Cestvs is the main character in Cestvs: The Roman Fighter series. He is a young slave, trained and forced to fight in the coliseum.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cestvs is a young 15 years old boy with short dark blue hair and usually wears a bandana.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the slaves cell, the slaves complain about flies and Cestvs manages to catch them all and release them outside. As they are given food, everyone rush at it, but his friend Rocco calms them and keeps a spot for Cestvs. Soldiers then force everyone out and the slaves are told that the final selection will be done and each will fight another man while they are fully equipped for the mock fights. Cestvs and Rocco are the first to fight and even though Cestvs doesn't want to fight Rocco, his master Zafar encourages him to do so. The fight starts, however Cestvs still doesn't intend to fight seriously, but still manages to hit Rocco. Rocco then feels humiliated and attempts to seriously fight him. Listening to Zafar, Cestvs decides to end the match and starts attacking and overwhelms and knocks Rocco. Rocco compliments Cestvs for his speed and strength, but Rocco is then killed by the order of their owner, who explains he can replace any of them and he doesn't need a losing "dog".

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a slave boxer, Cestvs is quite skilled in gladiatorial boxing. Being able to fight on par with, and overwhelm much larger, adult boxers since his first match. Thanks to his training from Zafar, he's experienced continual, steady growth through out the series. This, combined with his work ethic, has allowed him to best many more experienced and skilled boxers over time.

As a slave boxer, Cestvs uses a unique style of boxing taught to him by his master Zafar. Due to his more petite frame, Zafar taught him a boxing style based on speed, with the focus being on overwhelming his opponents with multiple hits while dodging their slower smiting blows.

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